About me

Born in 88 in Rio de Janeiro, I started my university life studying Information Systems at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Puc-Rio). Soon after starting to work, I realized that this career did not bring me much happiness because I love to work in groups discussing ideas, forms of resolution, creative projects, innovators, etc. So I switched to Digital Media Design course, also at Puc-Rio, where I graduated in late 2016. I fell in love with Design as early as the first periods, because its methodologies and purposes fit perfectly into what I was looking for as a career . I love receiving a theme, researching it a lot, and proposing a creative and innovative project to solve the problem or opportunity in question. Throughout my course, I worked as web designer, interaction designer and undertaking a collective networking of people to build collaborative projects. I always try to be updated with new technologies, concepts and trends. I love working with physical and digital interfaces, interventions, interactive installations and how this interferes with the perception and usability of the target audience.

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